About us

The OQ NOVVOS LIMITED company is a multidisciplinary company, having a big experience in international trade and specializing in the information and communication technologies and e-commerce segments. Our main goal is to provide to public and private sectors the best-in-class solutions and services. Focusing on the lates trends and innovative approaches in the field of information and communication technologies and e-commerce, our company plays a key role in increasing the productivity and profitability of its customers, by providing a wide range of high-quality solutions and services.



Custom software development
August 31, 2022
A desire to provide customers with innovative IT solutions and services, ...
E-commerce platform
June 10, 2022
We are glad to inform that a customized e-commerce platform was successfully ...
Copyright registration
March 25, 2022
The services of consultancy and registration of the results of intellectual ...
Sell your IP work
May 5, 2017
All authors from the different part of the world now have an opportunity ...